Sugar & Acid Starts A Fire


  1. To understand what spontaneous combustion is.
  2. To learn why mixing random chemicals together can be disasterous.


  1. Sugar (C12H22O11)
  2. KClO3
  3. Concentrated H2SO4


  1. Put sugar in a mortar and powder it.
  2. In a seperate or clean mortar, powder the KClO3. (NOTE: Do not powder KClO3 and sugar in the same mortar because the friction may cause combustion.)
  3. Mix 1 gram of KClO3 with 2 grams of sugar and mix gently.
  4. Put a pile of the mixture on a metal tin or a different substance that is not flamable.
  5. Put 2 drops of H2SO4 onto the pile, and quickly stand back. (NOTE: You may want to do this under a hood.)