A Chemical Property Of

Hydrogen Gas


  1. To prove that hydrochloric acid reacts with zinc to produce hydrogen gas.
  2. To prove that hydrogen gas is explosive.


  1. Erlenmeyer flask
  2. 3 inch piece of glass tubing
  3. (2) one-hole stoppers
  4. Balloon (one balloon per time that you wish to do the experiment!)
  5. String (one string per balloon!)
  6. Zinc metal
  7. 6M hydrochloric acid


  1. Place a one-hole stopper on each side of the glass tubing.
  2. Fit a balloon over one of the stoppers.
  3. Place some zinc in the bottom of the Erlenmeyer flask.
  4. Pour the 6M hydrochloric acid into the flask until the zinc is covered with the acid and quickly put the other stopper on the flask so it is tight and the balloon can fill with the gas that is being generated.
  5. When the balloon is filled, take it off the stopper and tie it with the string so none of the gas will escape.
  6. Let the balloon float and light a match at the end of a yard stick and bring the lighted match to the balloon until it explodes.


  1. What color was the balloon?
  2. Did the balloon explode?