Principles Of Technology Egg Drop Contest

Description Of Experiment:

You and a partner will develop a container that will hold one raw egg (supplied by the instructor). The object is to design and build the container (utilizing your knowledge of impulse and momentum) in such a way that when dropped from the top of the school building (and it will be) the container will prevent the egg from breaking.


1. The design of your container cannot include any means of increasing air resistance, such as a parachute or other slowing device. All packages should hit the ground at about the same velocity.

By the way what should that velocity be, ignoring air resistance? (You'll need to calculate the height of the building)

2. All packages will be weighed before the drop and should not eggceed three pounds.

3. Creativity, originality and effort are required here. Half-hearted and pedestrian designs (for example, a shoebox filled with shredded newspaper will not be allowed to compete).