Works by Alfred Jacob Miller

The following selection of sketches were made by Alfred Jacob Miller while on his journey to and from the Green River Rendezvous of 1837. Miller was engaged by Captain William Drummond Stuart, an English adventurer, who was travelling with the American Fur Company caravan. Miller was the only artist to witness and paint the events at, and related to, a rendezvous.

  • Trappers starting for the Beaver Hunt
  • Preparing for a Buffalo Hunt
  • Hunting Elk among the Black Hills
  • Camp Fire, preparing the evening meal
  • Auguste and his horse
  • The Trapper's Bride
  • Presents to Indians
  • The Thirsty Trapper
  • Shooting a Cougar
  • Trappers
  • Roasting the Hump Rib
  • Antoine Clement
  • Camp receiving a supply of meat
  • Caravan en route
  • Breakfast at sunrise
  • Pierre