Giovanni Da Verrazzano

Giovanni Da Verrazzano sailed for France and lived in Italy. Giovanni was a navigator. He set sail in 1524 to find a northwest passage to China for spices and silks.

On his first voyage, just out of the port they met a violent storm that sunk two ships and sent the others back. On the second try they met a Spanish merchant ship. Verrazzano sent one ship and 50 men to watch it go back to France, so France could get the money on it. Verrazzano continued on his journey with a 100 ton ship and 50 men only to find nothing but about how long the coast line is. He also proved that the land is not Asia. As he went north he did not find a northwest passage to China. While he was there, he found out that it could be colonized because of the resources there.

Verrazzano took two more voyages, and on the second voyage he was killed and eaten by cannibals in about 1528. After he died more people tried to find the passage to China, at least they knew how long North America was.