The Pacific Northwest before 1900

A Chronology

A Chronology of Idaho History

200 Years of Idaho History

Forts, Posts, Camps, Cantonments, Houses, Barracks, Stations & Etc. of Idaho

Antoine Plante's Ferry Across the Spokane River 1852-1864

List of Army Battles & Military Events in Idaho

Lemhi Pass

Snake River

The Lolo Trail

The Early Bear River Fur Trade: Bear Lake & Cache Valley

Lemhi-Lost River Fur Trade

Exploration and Settlement of Salmon River

Henry's Fork

The Name "Owyhee"

Pierre's Hole

Caldron Linn

Sineacateen And The Wild Horse Trail

Jean Baptiste Charbonneau

A Letter by Father De Smet Regarding The Mormons

Rocky Bar Spanish Legend

Indian Encounters: The Unfriendly Kind

Snake Wars (1864 - 1868) - Camp Lyon

Ghost Towns

The Idaho-Montana Boundary Legend

Captain John Mullan & The Mullan Road.

The Mullan Tree

Fort Sherman

Terror Spread At Camas Prairie - The Bannock War of 1878

Bannock, Snake and Paiute War of 1878

The Sheepeater Indian War of 1879

Wyatt Earp In Idaho - 1884

Territorial Governors Of Idaho

Union Trouble: The Coeur d'Alenes In 1892.

Union Trouble: The Coeur d'Alenes In 1899.

The Trial Of William "Big Bill" Haywood.

Leading Participants In 1892-99 Union Troubles & Aftermath.

Atlanta, Idaho

Florence, Idaho

Wallace, Idaho

Weiser, Idaho

Idaho Since Lewis & Clark

Northwest Boundary Dispute

Southeastern Idaho Native American Prehistory and History

Angels or Whores (Prostitutes in the Mining Camps)

Three Exceptions

The Inquisition

The Events That Produced a Communist Government in China.

Lewis B. Werner: An Idaho Physicist