Ross Cox

b. 1793

Cox, Ross, fur trader (b. 1793). Born at Dublin, he joined Astor's northwest coast fur enterprise in 1811 and left New York aboard the Beaver, reaching Astoria, Oregon, May 12, 1812. Cox joined a party for the interior June 29, got lost and was rescued by the Spokane Indians, made a trading trip to the Flathead Indians, and brought furs to Astoria by June 11, 1813. When the North West Company bought out the Astor enterprise, Cox transferred his allegiance. He made several trading trips and became a valuable man to the company. In 1817 he journeyed with fur men overland to Fort William, on Lake Superior, and thence to Montreal, returning to Dublin. His book, The Columbia River (1831) is a worthy fur trade narrative.

Jerome Peltier