(Jean) Pierre Chouteau

October 10, 1758 - July 10, 1849

Chouteau, (Jean) Pierre, frontiersman (Oct. 10, 1758-July 10, 1849). Born at New Orleans, he was a half brother of Auguste Chouteau, reached St. Louis in September 1794 and early became a trader among the Osages, being stationed among them as commander of Fort Carondelet which he built in southwest Missouri under the Spanish, and as fur trader. Chouteau approved American acquisition of Louisiana and sent his oldest son, Auguste Pierre to West Point. In 1804 he was appointed by Jefferson agent for the Osages. In 1809 he joined Lisa, his erstwhile rival, and others in the St. Louis Missouri Fur Company, trading up the Missouri River; he commanded an expedition to the Mandans in 1809 and though he made numerous other journeys, he conducted his subsequent business for the most part from St. Louis, where he died.