Jules Demun

April 25, 1782 - August 15, 1843

DeMun, Jules, frontiersman (Apr. 25, 1782-Aug. 15, 1843). Born at Port au Prince, Santo Domingo, of titled ancestry, he was educated in France and England, emigrated to Cuba in 1803, to Baltimore in 1809, and reached St. Louis in 1812, where he married into the Chouteau family. With Auguste P. Chouteau Jr., he left St. Louis in 1815 with a sizable party, reached the Rocky Mountains and in January visited Taos. DeMun returned to St. Louis, securing a trading license, but his fortune was bad. Eventually he was imprisoned in New Mexico, having come afoul of Spanish authorities, and the partnership lost everything, the total by DeMun and Chouteau being reckoned at more than $30,000. DeMun operated a coffee plantation in Cuba for a decade, returned to St. Louis in 1831, traded in southern Wisconsin and held minor political offices. He died at St. Louis.