Henry Fraeb

d. August 1841

Fraeb, Henry, mountain man (d. Aug. 1841). Nothing is known of his birth or early activities, but by 1829 he was a seasoned trapper and brigade leader, soon becoming partner to such men as Milton Sublette. Thomas Fitzpatrick and James Bridger. He was very active in the upper Rockies, was present at the battle of Pierre's Hole in July 1832, and late in 1833 trapped down the green River and Colorado River to the Bill Williams River in Arizona. He spent the winter of 1835-1836 in Missouri. He attempted trading at a fixed post on the western Plains, returned to Missouri, and by the spring of 1840 was back at the rendezvous, a partner of Bridger. Late in 1840 with Joe Walker he visited Los Angeles, selling several hundred beaver skins there. by the summer of 1841 he was back on the Green River. Fraeb was killed with probably four other trappers in a fight with Cheyennes, Arapahoes and Sioux on a branch of the Yampa River near the Wyoming line in Routt County, Colorado.

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