Francois Gaultier du Tremblay

October 29, 1715 - July 30, 1794

Gaultier du Tremblay, Francois, explorer (Oct. 29, 1715-July 30, 1794). Born at Sorel, Quebec, he went west with his father, Verendrye at 15 and in 1732 helped build Fort St. Charles on the Lake of the Woods. In 1738 he journeyed to the Mandan country of present North Dakota, arriving December 3. In 1742 he returned to the Mandans once again during as expedition organized by his brother, Louis-Joseph, the Chevalier de La Verendrye. In that year and the next they explored as far as the Pawnee villages, but made no important discoveries. After 19 years in the west he returned to the St. Lawrence Valley, but in 1752 became an interpreter at a trading post at the present Ashland, Wisconsin. By 1755 he had returned once more to Montreal where he remained the rest of his life. He was the last of the Verendryes, although less distinguished then most.