Henry Marie Brackenridge

May 11, 1786 - January 18, 1871

Brackenridge, Henry Marie, traveler, jurist (May 11, 1786-Jan. 18, 1871). Born in Pittsburgh, he was sent at 7 to an academy at Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, to learn French, remaining three years during which he all but forgot his English. He read law, practiced at Baltimore and Somerset, Pennsylvania, thence migrated to Ste. Genevieve and eventually St. Louis. In 1811 he accompanied a Manuel Lisa expedition up the Missouri for 1,300 miles and returned downstream with Bradbury in Lisa's boats. He left St. Louis in November for New Orleans where eventually he became a federal district judge, his further career of little frontier interest. In 1814 he published in Views of Louisana the narratives of his journey up the Missouri (reprinted by Thwaites). He died at Pittsburgh.