Andrew Whitley Sublette

1808 - December 18, 1853

Sublette, Andrew Whitley, mountain man (1808-Dec. 18, 1853). Born at Somerset, Kentucky, he reached St. Charles, Missouri, by 1817, one of five brothers to become famous in the Rocky Mountains. Andrew entered the fur trade in 1830, accompanying William Sublette, his older brother, to the Wind River rendezvous, went to Santa Fe and in 1832 returned to the upper Rockies, a trader. He was a participant in the rivalry with the American Fur Company on the upper Missouri, and the division between the AFC and the Rocky Mountain Fur Company of the beaver area that followed. Andrew became a partner of Louis Vasques in 1835, they establishing a post at the later Platteville, Colorado, in the South Platte River. The partnership was dissolved in 1840. Sublette farmed in Missouri for two years. In 1844 he guided a party to Fort Laramie. With his brother, Soloman, he journeyed to Taos and returned to St. Louis in 1845. He served with Missouri volunteers from 1846 to 1848 at Fort Kearny, then accompanied Beale to California where he remained. He died from injuries received from a grizzly in Malibu Canyon, near present Santa Monica; he had been injured by another the preceding May.