Antoine Godin

pre-1810 - c. May 22, 1836

Godin, Antoine, Iroquois mountain man (pre-1810-c. May 22, 1836). Hired by the North West Company for service in the Oregon country, he roved the mountains for many years. In July 1832, it was Godin and another who murdered a Blackfoot for his blanket, thus precipitating the celebrated battle of Pierre's Hole. Godin was shot treacherously by Blackfeet near Fort Hall. (According to an article by John E. Wickman in Vol. V of The Mountain Men and the Fur Trade of the Far West: Biographical Sketches of the Participants, 10 Vols. by LeRoy R. Hafen, James Bird Jr. was the individual responsible for the death of Godin.)