Andrew Drips

c. Dec. 1789 - September 1, 1860

Drips, Andrew, fur trader (c. Dec. 1789-Sept. 1, 1860). Born in Ireland, he was raised near Laughlintown, Pennsylvania, and served in the Ohio militia during the War of 1812. He reached St. Louis in 1817 and joined the Missouri Fur Company in 1820, within two years becoming a partner. He settled at Bellevue, Nebraska, for several years, and after dissolution of the company he continued in business with Pilcher, Fontenelle, Vanderburgh and Charles Bent. He led several expeditions to trade with the Pawnees before 1829, married an Oto woman and fathered four children. By 1830 he joined the American Fur Company and remained in the mountains, with a trip occasionally to the settlements, until 1841 when he established a home at the future Kansas City. He was special Indian agent for the upper Missouri from 1842 until 1846, traveling widely and attempting earnestly to curb or eliminate the liquor traffic by traders. He then entered the employ of Pierre Chouteau Jr. and Company, with which he had retained amicable relations throughout his career. He took charge of Fort Pierre, later managing Fort Laramie and Fort John at Scotts Bluff. His first wife died and he married a French-Sioux girl, fathering five more children. He died at Kansas City. He was an honest trader of vast experience, capability, and influence.

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