September 01, 1806
William Clark

... the fog became so thick that we were oblige[d] to come too ... 9 Indians ran down the bank and beckened to us to land, they appeared to be a war party, and I took them to be Tetons and paid no kind of attention to them furthr than an enquirey to what tribe they belonged, ... as one canoe was yet behind we landed in an open commanding Situation ... about 15 minits after we had landed Several guns were fired by the indians, which we expected was at the three men behind. I calld out 15 men and ran up with a full deturmination to cover them if possible let the number of the indians be what they might. Capt. Lewis hobled up on the bank and formed the remainder of the party in a Situation well calculated to defend themselves and the Canoes &c. ... they informed me that they were Shooting off their guns at an old Keg which we had thrown out of one of the Canoes and was floating down. those indians informed me they were Yanktons, ... I told them that we took them to be a party of Tetons and the fireing I expected was at the three men in the rear Canoe and I had went up with a full intention to kill them all if they had been tetons & fired on the canoe as we first expected, but finding them Yanktons and good men we were glad to see them and take them by the hand as faithfull Children who had opened their ears to our Councils. ... the[y] answered that their great Chief and many of their brave men had gone down, that the white people had built a house near the Mahar village where they traded.

at this Island we brought 2 years together or on the 1st. of Septr. 1804 we Encamped at the lower point of this Island. after we all came together we again proceeded on down to a large Sand bar imediately opposit to the place where we met the Yanktons in council at the Calumet Bluffs and which place we left on the 1t. of Septr. 1804. I observed our old flag Staff or pole Standing as we left it.

September 01, 1806
Patrick Gass

... met nine of the Yonktin band of the Sioux nation of Indians on the south side of the river. We halted and gave them some corn, and then proceeded on ...