April 27, 1806
Meriwether Lewis

This morning we were detained untill 9 A.M. in consequence of the absence of one of Charbono's horses.

this Cheif by name Yel-lept! had visited us on the morning of the 19 of October at our encampment a little below this place; we gave him at that time a small medal, and promised him a larger one on our return. ... Yellept haranged his village in our favour intreated them to furnish us with fuel and provision and set the example himself by bringing us an armfull of wood and a platter of 3 roasted mullets.

... we purchased four dogs ...

(New route) ... we knew that a road in that direction if the country would permit it would shorten our rout at least 80 miles.

April 27, 1806
Patrick Gass

This morning was cloudy with some light showers of rain; and about 9 o'clock we proceeded on through the plains, accompanied by a great many of the natives. Some light showers of rain fell at intervals during the day; and after halting about 2 hours we continued our journey to sunset, when we came to a large village of mat-lodges, belonging to a band of the Wal-la-wal-las, who have encamped here on the north side of the river. Here we remained all night, and the natives were good enough to supply us with some faggots of brush, they ahd gathered in the plains from the sage bushes, which grow in great abundance on some aprts of these plains and are very large.

April 27, 1806
John Ordway

a little rain fell the latter part of last night.  we Set out as usal and proceed. on  Soon passd. a Small village of 3 lodges then assended a high plain where we Saw an extensive country around us & not a tree to be Seen  came about 20 miles before we halted & delayed a Short time  eat a little dry meat & let our horses feed a Short time and proceed on about 5 miles further and arived at a large village of the wal-a-wal tribe, at the commencement of a low barron Smooth country where we Camped [Opposite and below the mouth of the Walla Walla River]   bought a fat dog to each mess.  these natives are numerous their is another village on the opposite Side of the river & a great number of horses.  we get different kinds of roots and fresh Salmon trout & Suckers & c.  all these Savages are glad to See us and appear verry friendly.--