January 01, 1806
Meriwether Lewis

This morning I was awoke at an early hour by the discharge of a volley of small arms, which were fired by our party in front of our quarters to usher in the new year; this was the only mark of rispect which we had it in our power to pay this celebrated day. our repast of this day tho' better than that of Christmass, consisted principally in the anticipation of the 1st day of January 1807, when in the bosom of our friends we hope to participate in the mirth and hilarity of the day, and when with the zest given by the recollection of the present, we shall completely, both mentally and corporally, enjoy the repast which the hand of civilization has prepared for us. at present we were content with eating our boiled Elk and wappe-toe, and solacing our thirst with our only beverage pure water.

[Orderly Book; Lewis]

The Commanding Officers require and charge the Garrison to treat the natives in a friendly manner; nor will they be permitted at any time, to abuse, assault or strike them; unless such abuse assault or stroke be first given by the natives. nevertheless it shall be right for any individual, in a peaceable manner, to refuse admittance to, or put out of his room, any native who may become troublesome to him;

Each mess being furnished with an ax, they are directed to deposit in the room of the commanding offercers all other public tools of which they are possessed

January 01, 1806
William Clark

... we wer Saluted from the party without, wishing us a "hapy new Year" a Shout and discharge of their arms. ... The work of our houses and fort being now complete, we Ishued an order in which we pointed out the rules & regulations for the government of the Party in respect to the Indians ...

our fortification being now complete we issue an order for the more exact and uniform dicipline and government of the garrison.

A List of the names of Sundery persons, who visit this part of the Coast for the purpose of trade &c. &c. in large Vestles;

... eye Eye ... Trader has a wooden Leg.

January 01, 1806
Patrick Gass

The year commenced with a wet day; but the weather still continues warm; and the ticks, flies and other insects are in abundance, which appears to us very extraordinary at this season of the year, in a latitude so far north. ... We gave our Fortification the name of Fort Clatsop.

January 01, 1806
John Ordway

The party Saluted our officers at day break this morning by firing at their quarters as a remembrence of the new year a pleasant morning.